Why Top Students Choose Italy for a One Year MBA

Italy is known for a long, distinguished history and rich cultural heritage. Many people are attracted to the beautiful country for the architectural heritage dating back to the pre-Roman times. Others are fascinated by the centuries of art collected in the hundreds of museums located around the country. Music lovers are never bored by the numerous operas, orchestras, ballets or the cutting edge modern music scene.

But there is another draw of Italy, a strong education. Italy has the oldest university in the Western world, the University of Bologna, and a long history of higher education. It’s an obvious choice for people around the world to expand their international business education and it’s home to one of the few universities with one year MBA programs in the world, the Bologna Business School. But why choose Italy, what really draws business students to the country?

mba-in-italyHistorical Influence

For centuries, Italy has been a major center of international trade and commerce of the world. These traditions produced many common business standards practiced used in the world today. These principles are taught in all the MBA programs around the world. Italy is home one of those business schools, the Bologna Business School.

International Diversity for an MBA

A key aspect of any international business school is to be diversified with students from around the world. Every culture offers a unique perspective on business, and bringing people from around the world to teach and study together benefits the cultural awareness of everybody.

The Perfect Hub for an International Business School

Geographically, Italy is perfectly situated for an international business school. Italy is close to the emerging African markets and influential in the European markets. The largest corporations in the world have a presence in Italy and the executives they send are highly educated and experienced. This also allows students to establish lifelong international business relationships.

Remember all the reasons people are attracted to Italy? The architecture, art , and music? They’re another reason to consider an MBA in Italy. After all, there is more to life than education and business. A student at a one year MBA program, like the one offered at the Bologna Business School, will have time to explore the deeper, finer aspects of humanity. Business school can be pretty intense, and students need to be reminded there is more to the world than their classes and case studies.